"The Lighter Side of Masonry"...(Humor for the Mason)
Classes Of Masons

A new initiate returns home to his wife who is naturally curious to know what went on. The conversation
goes something like this:
She) Well how'd it go ?
He) Very well - most interesting
She) What did go on ?
He) I'm not really sure if I can tell you about it.
She) Well is there anything you *can* tell me ?
He) Well it seems there are 3 classes of men in the Lodge -walkers, talkers and Holy men.
She) What do they do - if you can tell me ?
He) The walkers walked me around the lodge. The Talkers talked to me and to the walkers as I was led
around ....
She) And the Holy men ? What of them ?
They seem to be a special class of men - all in dark blue and gold aprons and gauntlets. They just sit on the
benches around the lodge with their heads in their hands chanting repeatedly - "Oh My God Oh My God !"

Changing A Light Bulb

Q. How many Masons does it take to change a light bulb?

A. After much research this tricky question can now be answered. It takes 20, as follows:
2 to complain that the light doesn't work.
1 to pass the problem to either another committee, the Temple Board or the Master of the Lodge.
3 to do a study on light in the Lodge.
2 to check out the types of lights the Knights of Columbus use.
3 to argue about it.
5 to plan a fund-raising dinner to raise money for the bulb.
2 to complain that "that's not the way we did it before."
1 to borrow a ladder, donate the bulb and install it.
1 to order the brass memorial plate and have it inscribed.